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The Sta.RPerformining consulting model brings about organizational transformation using the following steps:

1. Entry – the initial contact between consultants and client. We explore the situation, we define the issues, and we assess the level of compatibility between the client, the consultant and the nature of the problem that has brought us together.

2. Contracting – establishing mutual expectations, reaching agreements on expenditure of time, money, resources, and energy. Generally, clarifying what each party expects to give and receive from one another.

3. Diagnosis – this is the fact-finding phase, which results in a picture of the situation by means of interviews, observations, questionnaires, examination of organization documents and information, and the like.

4. Feedback – presenting the diagnosis. The client explores the information for understanding, clarification, and accuracy and becomes familiar with the data, the picture of the situation, problems, and opportunities.

5. Planning Change – identify action steps to take based on the acquired information. Alternative possibilities are explored and critiqued; plans for action are selected and developed.

6. Intervention – implementing the sets of actions designed to correct problems or seize opportunities.

7. Evaluation – assessing the effects of our services: Were they successful? What changes occurred? Are we satisfied with the results?

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