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The Sta.RPerformining team has years of experience gained by working with companies in a variety of areas.  As we have worked, we have seen a wide array of issues that companies face and identified multiple possible solutions for each and every one of them. One thing that we have learned is that often one of the main reasons a business is underperforming is related either to the lack of an overarching  strategy or to the way an existing strategy  is being translated into actionable steps.

When faced with a problem of strategy, the Sta.RPerformining team will approach it using the Playing to Win framework.  Playing to Win focuses on five key choices that set the stage for effective action across your  organization so that you will be the winner with your customers and against your competition.

Key features and applicability

When developing strategy from within the Playing to Win framework, a “reverse engineering” approach is used in which we help your organizations articulate its core strategic problem and formulate a range of appropriate strategic options for resolving that problem. Rather than taking a scattershot approach in which solutions are proposed based on what worked for somebody else, we focus on clearly determining what the playing field for your company is and then defining the specific actions needed to ensure that you will win on that field.

Through the Playing to Win framework we will help you to answer 5 interconnected questions:

-What is our winning aspiration?

– Where will we play?

– How will we win?

– What capabilities must we have?

– What management systems do we need?

Benefits and strengths

Playing to Win is an industry-proven framework aimed at developing and implementing a successful strategy within any organization. It stems from the idea that strategy is all about making choices: to do some things and not others, to approach certain clients and not others, and so on.

Through a series of meetings, their number tailored to the size of your organization, the Sta.RPerformining team helps stakeholders to creatively generating new strategic possibilities and rigorously testing hypotheses about those possibilities. This allows them to make choices that they have confidence in for the long term.

The final result will be that your organization, no matter how large or small, will know how to guide everyday activities to conform with larger strategic goals to win, rather than to just play the game.

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