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EU-financed projects

We offer full consulting support and assist our clients in preparing their business projects and accessing EU funding opportunities. Our team of experts also assists the beneficiary organizations in following all the steps needed to ensure a correct and successful management and implementation of their projects.

In 2010 and 2011, our consultants contributed in accessing, managing and monitoring EU-financed programs of more than EUR2 million. We are glad to mention our success in running one of the first EU-financed HR projects on the Romanian retail market, as the implementing partner of Praktiker Romania (project: “Increasing the learning capacity within a relational context” – POSDRU- national support funds for professional general and specific formation, financing line no.77 “Forming your employees”, ID 42043).

Our experience on EU-financed programs:

– Prepared and implemented projects co-funded from the state budget and also strategic business projects;
– More than 200 participants from diverse socio-economic categories benefited from the training and development activities we implemented;
– More than 50 training sessions organized in two years on various topics: leadership, managerial competencies development, team dynamics and development, leading a successful team, coaching, train the trainer, emotional intelligence, etc.

Preparing the project

We ensure the support that enables our clients to seamlessly go through the entire process of preparation. Our support covers the key steps:

  • Setting the main goal and the specific objectives of the project;
  • Defining the context, explain the motivation and the addressed need;
  • Planning the project activities implementation;
  • Defining key performance indicators;
  • Defining horizontal objectives;
  • Budgeting;
  • Describing the partnerships involved in the project.

Support for implementation

Our implementation support covers all the aspects required to successfully put ideas and plans into practice:

  • Building the project team and training the people involved;
  • Coordination of the project team;
  • Coordination and implementation of the project activities;
  • Monitoring the activity and evaluating the project;
  • Carrying out the reporting activity in accordance with the EU requirements.


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