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This is not just a mambo-jambo, glossy magazine test. It’s serious business. If you want to take the quiz and find out what kind of boss are you, leave us your email address and you’ll receive a personal report, made by specialists, like the ones that are making rockets to travel to Mars.
You can also invite friends for a group report.
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How can our Digital Platform help you?

We help our customers optimize their business processes by using online ready tools that can be tailored made for each client. 

We invite you to take a look at our digital tools below and, if you’re interested in any one of them, just give us a call.

1tedjob’s goal is to connect job seekers and companies in a transparent recruiting market in which barriers that can block otherwise qualified candidates from being identified can be overcome using our filtering tools, tests, video interview, and video CV tools.


3600 assessment suites

Sta.RPerformining is the only concept from the local market that delivers organizational development solutions that use the CCL (Center for Creative Leadership) certified 360-degree Assessment package. 3600 assessment suites is one of the most important evaluation tools that allow a consistent diagnosis of an employee’s abilities, skills and competencies.

Employee Typology

Employee Typology is now one of the most referred and frequently used tools for analyzing the working styles and human relationships. Due to an extended area of applicability and efficiency, it became an almost indispensable tool for the organizations that run employees’ career evaluation and development programs.

 Situational Judgemental Test

The Situational Judgemental Test is designed to find out how employees behave in different work-related situations. The questions are designed by business experts, who ask managers of the company a) what typical situations arise in the job role and b) how an existing successful employee would behave in response to that situation.

Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation is a systematic process for ranking jobs logically and fairly by comparing job against job, or against a pre-determined scale, to determine the relative importance of jobs to an organisation.

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