BUSINESS STRATEGY – helping businesses find their direction

A critical step for any organization is clearly defining its business strategy, as it is the foundation for the entire decision process and equips the company’s leaders with the precise compass they need to keep the business on track. But merely having a strategy is not enough – success depends on the capacity to define and follow a pragmatic, coherent strategy with a clear map of what resources the organization will need and the key set of priorities for driving performance.

The Sta.RPerformining team comes in to facilitate building business strategies that generate tangible results through capitalizing on the organizations’ growth opportunities. We assist senior executives and management teams in formulating the right answers to key questions about the future of their business, defining the strategic framework, and planning for long term development.

When and Why would you need help with your business strategy?

  • Your company is at the beginning of its activity
  • There is a need to expand into new business sectors or new markets
  • You are preparing for a merger or acquisition
  • You are rebranding
  • You are adapting to new market trends or using opportunities to gain advantages over your competitors
A coherent strategy ensures:
  • clarity across the whole range of  management activity
  • a solid foundation for the business planning process
  • a clear, coherent, unitary decision framework
  • a sound groundwork for building decision support inside the organization
  • a clear framework for developing efficient external and internal communication activities
  • a higher level of employee commitment, motivation, engagement and awareness of the company’s mission
  • a basis for defining work standards, monitoring and evaluating the company’s performance
  • efficient structured internal mechanisms for attaining the business objectives

Tools and approach:

In designing our solution, we use a strategic framework build around:

Vision – define what your organization intends to become (directions and expectations within which the strategy is framed);

Mission – define the fundamental purpose of your company, current activities and competencies, as well as the way to act to attain your vision;

Values – define the set of values the organization respects as the basis of its behavior, character, and culture.

Strategic thrusts – general directions for defining the strategic projects.

Analysis tools:

  • SWOT & GAP analysis
  • market and industry attractiveness analysis;
  • personalized sets of integrated, internationally recognized standard tools.

Essential to the outcome of the process of building the medium or long term strategy is relying on the effective and active involvement of the organization’s internal resources, which we encourage at every step of the way.

Process and outcomes

We apply a 3-step process:

1) Understand the external environment and the organization’s performance, risks, and capabilities. We start with a thorough analysis of the internal conditions and the market context.

2) Define the desired destination: set objectives for the whole organization down to the departmental level.

3) Design a customized strategic roadmap for reaching the desired destination: identify challenges for each business segment and design a strategy and action plans to attain the best outcome. At this stage, we evaluate various scenarios based on their potential in terms of attaining the business objectives.

Receiving a detailed, applicable and performance oriented business strategy is not the only advantage of working with the Sta.RPerformining team. The process we facilitate will also help your organization:

  • clarify your long term goals, priorities, and resources
  • decide on target business segments for action
  • build a foundation for creating long term competitive advantages
  • identify exact management tasks for the whole organization and each department
  • clarify the benefits  for shareholders
  • clearly formulate objectives
  • develop and maintain key competencies
  • make wise investments in developing the resources to solidify your competitive advantages


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