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360-degree Assessment

This tool produces a reliable analysis of the employee’s abilities, skills and competencies. It is one of the most important evaluation tools. It consists of feedback surveys to be taken by the immediate work circle (subordinates, peers, and supervisor) and a self-evaluation. Its use is particularly important in the evaluation process for leadership/management positions.

Sta.RPerformining is the only source in Bulgaria and Romania for customized organizational development solutions that use the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) certified 360-degree Assessment package. Built on exceptional working standards, this package supports consistent evaluation and development of leadership competencies at any level of your organization. This data is the crucial foundation for creating a leadership culture adapted to the actual challenges of your business environment.

Area of applicability and strengths

Key uses:

– Designing training and development plans for employees

– Informing strategic decisions such as succession plans, building multifunctional teams, or promoting an employee to a new strategic position.

Key benefits:

– The person who is evaluated gets a very clear picture of how others perceive his/her activity

– The evaluation process produces a reliable and multifaceted overview of the employee’s strengths and weaknesses by taking into account information from participants with diverse positions and backgrounds

CCL tools package

  • Executive Dimensions® evaluates leadership behavior at the top management level
  • Benchmarks® measures the abilities and potential deficiencies that could impact careers at middle-to-senior management levels and executives with a minimum 3-year managerial experience
  • Prospector® evaluates employees’ learning abilities and their willingness to make the most out of their opportunities for development (recommended for employees with high development potential)
  • 360 BY DESIGN® focuses on the key competencies of an organization and can be applied at any management level

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