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    in today’s business world.


Valeri Mektouptchiyan

If you decide to become a leader of the industry you work in, you should collaborate with this team of professionals.

Radoslav Krumov

We developed several projects together with the Sta.RPerformining team. The experience and the results we obtained made me think about the most important lesson learned: how to accelerate a business and control its speed by pushing the brakes on time.

Andi Dascal

Working with Radu Stanescu and the Sta.RPerformining team of advisors enabled Prodvinalco to grow the business, and provided us with valuable advantages for the competition game in our industry.

Michael Ammann

They are a team of creative spirits who always find the best way to efficiently organize and convey the information in a friendly manner. They are productive and easy to communicate with.

Mariana Popescu

It is always a real pleasure to work with Radu Stanescu and the consultants he recommends and teams up with. I appreciate his dedication, always well prepared to ensure the specialized support that people need.

Constantin Bacica

Radu Stanescu’s expertise, which always proves to be consistent and comprehensive every time, ensures a unique combination that I rarely found in a business consultant.

Mihaela Manatu

This team of creative professionals completely understands the client’s needs and expectations, therefore managing to build and deliver projects with real impact on people and businesses.

Marius Melesteu

I have been working with Radu for many years, on different projects, like organizational diagnosis, leadership development and strategy formulation. His business experience, developed within different multinational organizations, and his capabilities and skills, these are the ones that really make a significant difference in order for us, the customers, to always receive practical and ready to implement solutions.


Sta.RPerformining delivers practical business solutions for achieving outstanding performance. Our unique integrated concept was born out of the desire to help top executives and business entrepreneurs obtain tangible results by addressing their strategic, operational, and team competencies challenges.

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Key Areas of Expertise

We have tested our pragmatic solutions over more than 10 years. During this time, we’ve helped clients grow their organizations in a rapidly reshaping global economy and a business environment driven by constant change.

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When you work with Sta.RPerformining, you get support from a network of highly skilled and experienced partners that use efficient solutions and a collaborative working style to help your business achieve outstanding results.

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