ORGANISATIONAL DIAGNOSIS – the first step in improving performance

More than ever before, your organization needs to use its resources efficiently and adapt rapidly to changes. Even when doing well, you face constant pressure to obtain still better results. In order to respond nimbly to the challenges facing you, you must develop and maintain outstanding situational awareness. Further, you must have a clear, comprehensive and objective picture of how each element in your external and internal business environments interact. This is where organizational diagnosis comes in.

Organizational diagnosis identifies what parts of your business are working well and what areas need improvement, identifying at the same time corrective measures for fixing problem areas. The Sta.RPerformining organizational diagnosis process provides a detailed overview to make you aware of all the structural elements that affect the functioning of your organization.

Situations and areas addressed

Organizational diagnosis will enable you to address issues such as:
    • Reacting to changes in the general economic environment, including sudden downturns
    • Reorganizing to improve efficiency
    • Restructuring activities for specific functional  areas or across your organization
    • Resolving conflicts between employees and leadership
    • Preparing for mergers, acquisitions, or expansion into new markets
Sta.RPerformining’s practical business solutions will assist you with:
    • Streamlining working processes
    • Developing specific competencies
    • Increasing employee motivation and job satisfaction
    • Setting goal-oriented objectives
    • Producing strategies and policies
    • Nurturing leadership qualities and enhancing management effectiveness
The process can be implemented for any area of interest for your organization and at any level:
    • Individuals
    • Teams, groups, departments
    • Organization-wide

What are the tools that we use?

We personalize an organizational diagnosis according to each client’s specific situation and needs using   a set of qualitative and quantitative measurement tools optimized for your situation:

  • Questionnaires that we adapt to the complexity and the desired outcomeof the analyzed activity
  • Research/quantitative diagnosis (group and organizational level)
  • Focus groups drawn from your employees
  • Individual interviews
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) profiling
  • FIRO-B assessments
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) testing
  • 360º evaluation.

These tools allow us not only to create a realistic bird’s eye view of your organization, but also to spotlight important details that can dramatically influence the organization’s performance.

Process and outcomes

Organizational diagnosis requires us to take the time to get to know your unique organization. While the exact duration of the process depends on the dimensions and the complexity of your organization, we are committed to taking exactly the right amount of time to gather the data needed give you a complete and timely report.

Our report will provide you with the specific results that we obtained and their interpretation, as well as a list of recommended interventions for bringing about improvements in the areas you have had us examine.


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