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HAX - Strategic Framework Design

In today’s the ever-changing business environment, with the internet disrupting traditional approaches in communication and, ultimately, business, determining the strategy your business should follow to achieve success is challenging. Starting from the three perspectives of strategy – corporate, business and functional – Sta.RPerformining helps companies build a strategic framework that incorporates layers of innovative competitive advantages, while also addressing the creation, retention, and transfer of power within the organization.

Sta.RPerformining has integrated concepts from multiple strategy design processes and strategic management approaches in order to fit the requirements of the Romanian and Bulgarian market.  Starting from the principles exemplified in the customer-centric Delta Model of Hax and Wilde, we have integrated insights from other frameworks, like Porter’s five forces – which focus on competition – and from the strategic intent approach, emphasizing an active management process that creates a sense of urgency, focuses the organization on the essence of winning, and motivates people to create a unique synthesis.

Key features and applicability

With a wide array of strategy design tools, one of the advantages that the Sta.RPerformining team brings to the table, after years of experience, is identifying which model will best fit your organization and business environment and  adapting it to allow you to obtain maximum results with the lowest possible expenditure of resources.

When working on your organizations business strategy we will consider the fundamental elements of the definition of a business strategy:

  1. Your Mission  –  we will identify  aspects such as the time frame, business scope, unique competencies, product market segments, and possible challenges to achieving your goals
  2. The attractiveness of your industry –  we will conduct an environmental scan at the business level, identifying opportunities and threats, and external factors that affect your ability to maintain profitability
  3. Your competitive position – we will provide an internal audit at the business level, where we identify critical internal factors that will produce competitive advantages

Benefits and strengths


Some of the benefits of an integrated set of frameworks and methodologies include:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the external environment and internal capabilities of your company
  • Identifying distinct managerial tasks at the corporate, business, and functional levels
  • Improving firm segmentation
  • Developing a discipline for long-term thinking within the company
  • Enhancing your resource allocation
  • Unifying corporate direction
  • Promoting personal interactions and making negotiations more productive at all levels

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