BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION – sharpening operational focus and control to boost growth

Today your company must perform in a complex environment marked by many uncertainties. In order to stay competitive, you must build a solid, clearly defined organizational model adapted to efficiently executing your business strategy and meeting ever-changing economic challenges. The model you’re your organization uses at any point in time will either constrain or liberate it, either preventing it from achieving its objectives or enabling it to exceed them.  We want to work with you to identify the model that will enable you to make the appropriate structural changes to optimize your organizations’ internal operations and improve performance.

Sta.RPerformining offers full support for business modeling and optimization. We build solutions for you by exploring the key coordinates of your organizational structure, systems, and processes.

When do you need to consider business optimization?

  • Atunci când organizația nu mai este competitivă din cauza lipsei de performanță a proceselor, a sistemelor și a structurii existente
  • Atunci când se fac modificări în strategia organizației
  • În perioadele de criză sau când au loc schimbări dramatice pe piață

Având însă în vedere incertitudinea și transformările economice continue care au loc în procesul de globalizare, nevoia de optimizare a elementelor interne ale organizațiilor tinde să devină, de fapt, permanentă, ceea ce înseamnă că o reîmprospătare ciclică este binevenită.

Our approach

Designing a business optimization model is a complex process because organizations function as open systems, producing products or services from a mix of inputs such as raw materials, information, financial and other resources, and their work force, all of which may be affected by both internal and external forces. All these elements must be balanced when designing a solution for improving performance.

The elements that we consider may be broadly grouped into:

  • Processes – processes define how you organize and implement your internal operations. An organization has three types of processes: core, support, and managerial processes.
  • Structure – The hierarchies of lines of authority, communications, and individual duties and responsibilities. This determines everything from how roles and responsibilities are assigned and coordinated to how the information flows between different entities inside the organization down to the number of employees needed for each position.
  • Systems – the components that maintain and enhance productivity (IT system, logistics, quality management, etc.)

Process and outcomes

As with other Sta.RPerformining solutions, we begin with a targeted and thorough study of your company’s current state and capabilities. Using this knowledge, we craft a solution adapted to the conditions you face that takes into account the effects on both the parts of your organization that will implement needed changes as well as possible secondary impacts on other elements of your organization.

Our solutions will help your organization:

  • Improve performance for internal processes and  increase structural and system efficiency
  • Ensure coherence in  work organization  throughout  the organization
  • Increase your control over operations and resource utilization
  • Improve competitiveness and adaptability to market changes
  • Enhance employee motivation while ensuring fair and objective performance evaluation
  • Dramatically decrease the risks associated with confusing and overwhelming personnel

Case Study on Organizational Modeling and Optimization – SUCCESS STORY: BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION

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