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This tool, while it can be generally helpful, is particularly valuable when dealing with highly challenging human resources situations such as filling a middle or top management position. External recruiting is costly, while finding potential candidates from inside your company can suffer from both limited options and the risk that you will simply create a different empty space to fill.  Interview-based evaluations, CV selection, and recommendations are often inadequate to identify “the right person in the right place”.

There is also the problem that any freshly recruited manager needs time to understand your business and its markets, and adapt to a new environment and organizational culture. Even once the initiation period is past, the risk of the newcomer not meeting the company’s requirements remains high.

It is far better in the long run to ensure that you will be able to fill middle and top management positions by spotting and training people with potential who are already part of your organization before the need arises. Defining succession plans should be a first step. Once the expectations are clear, your organization can follow several paths to identify appropriate successors for key positions.

The Assessment and Development Center is the most efficient method to identify and nurture new leaders. It employs a wide range of assessment techniques and multiple specialized observers who thoroughly examine the relevant behaviors and identify the potential in your people.

Key features and strengths

The Assessment and Development Center creates a replica of your real working environment, putting participants in situations they would encounter in real-world activities while their behavior and competencies are evaluated in real time.

We built this tool to function as a laboratory, based on the technical knowhow and experience our highly trained team of advisors acquired over many years by performing in the observer role in different assessment centers and acting as strategic advisors for companies across a variety of industries. Our experts specialize in organizational behavior, observation techniques, and evaluating management and leadership competencies, as well as assessment of general or specific qualifications.

Sta.RPerformining guarantees complete neutrality in monitoring the participants during assessment centers, as well as the accuracy and objectivity of the feedback we provide. The sessions we organize use only case studies and tests adapted to our clients’ industry and business segment and are always based on each company’s competencies model. We also offer the option of organizing a pilot session that can allow further calibration of format and content before starting the actual assessment center.

Participants in the Assessment Centers gain:

– The right perspective for understanding their own behavior and competencies

– Confirmation that they fit a certain position

– Awareness of competencies and qualifications they need to build or improve

– Direction to start creating a personal and professional development strategy

Organizations that use Assessment Centers gain:

– The most efficient method of internal recruitment and promotion for key positions

– The opportunity to thoroughly assess the managerial competencies and development needs of employees identified as candidates for leadership positions

– Absolute objectivity and high accuracy in evaluating and selecting the right employees for succession programs

A 3-step process

Sta.RPerformining Assessment Center programs are structured with three stages:

  1. Selection process – a list of candidate employees is developed based on the client’s needs and requirements. Employees from the final list receive an official invitation to the Assessment Center. It is recommended that, in developing the list, employees go through a 360-degree Assessment process and a set of psychometric tests (Thomas Kilman, MBTI, FIRO-B).
  2. Assessment and Development Center – a team of specialized observers selected from our advisors organizes a set of activities during which they continuously monitor the candidates’ behaviors, competencies, and knowledge. The center might include individual activities, but in most of the cases participants are required to work and interact within a team. Activities can include one-on-one interviews, simulation exercises inspired by your organization’s activity, complex batteries of written tests, solving business case studies, presentation and role play sessions, feedback sessions, and other types of activities. An Assessment Center takes place over a period of 1-2 days.
  3. Final reports – our team collects data during these activities and matches it with the results of the psychometric tests and 360-degree Assessment. Based on this integrated information, we prepare a final report and discuss conclusions with each participant in one-on-one advising sessions. The final report illustrates the employee’s current situation (evaluation of competencies, abilities, etc.) and personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as individualized recommendations for improving the employee’s existing potential.

The precision of our reports and recommendations allow participants to create effective plans for professional and personal development.

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