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It’s been said that in the summer and in the first days of the new year, most career changes occur. It must be something about the holiday vibe that influences us during the summer and Christmas days off, that we feel this urge to change some things in our lives. The most common thing we change, […]

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Does anybody ever ask this question anymore? Surprisingly enough, it does still pop-up in interviews. And as with any potentially tricky question, the prepared job-seekers must ask themselves what is it that the interviewer is trying to find out. It might seem like he or she is not particularly inspired that day, but the truth […]

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We are used to talking about engagement when we refer to marketing strategies and tactics and mostly in the context of engaged customers being more prone to buying our product. However, there is another, less obvious category of people whose level of engagement directly affects the well being of the company: its employees. Engaged vs. […]

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