Sta.RPerformining is a unique integrated concept, which delivers practical business solutions for organizations to achieve outstanding performance. We help top executives and business entrepreneurs obtain tangible results by addressing their strategic, operational and team competencies challenges.

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Key Areas of Expertise

As global economy rapidly reshapes and all the industries change, we help clients find their way in the new environment by making available a wide range of pragmatic solutions extensively tested in more than 10 years of activity. Read More..

Trusted Professionals

When you work with Sta.RPerformining, you get support from a network of highly skilled, experienced and trusted partners that use efficient solutions and a collaborative working style to help your business achieve outstanding results. Read More..

Testimonials - What Clients say about Our Work

Liliana Urziceanu – Senior Executive, Head of HR, Praktiker Romania:
The collaboration with Radu Stanescu and his team is based on trust, respect and fair play. We worked together for a number of years within several projects, which helped our people improve the management skills, enlarge their approach of the business and perform better.

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